What to Wear

Solid colors in the same color palate create classic, timeless portraits. Try to refrain from polka dots, loud patterns and t-shirts with logos. Simple garments photograph best. If you'd like to appear slimmer, avoid horizontal stripes and sleeveless styles, as bare arms can overpower the face. Seek out dark colors and layer to hide trouble areas. If you have additional questions, contact us at the studio anytime for help from our knowledgeable staff.


For Families

We have designed what we refer to as our
Pre-Portrait Consultation Form to help our clients through the portrait process. We ask questions to determine your portrait style and to get to know your family's story. In addition, we have a color selections page where you will choose from provided color palates and we will send you ideas of exactly what you could wear to fit that palate! Once you reserve your session we will send you your easy on-line form to begin the process!


For Seniors 

Solid colors always work best. Please avoid clothing with discernible patterns, logos, and wording - unless it is School related. We want to help you create timeless portraits you'll enjoy for years to come, however; we also want to capture you as you are, so there is no need to adopt the suggestions above if you would not do so normally. If you have any questions please let us know! You can also see suggestions on our Senior Outfit Pinterest Page.

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