Welcome to your Pre-Portrait Consultation Form

As we prepare for your portrait session we appreciate you providing us with some more information about your family's story and your style. This consultation will include:


Getting to know you: 

This portion will contain questions about your family. We want you to be as comfortable as possible so getting to know you before you arrive is a part of our efforts to capture your story.

Finding your Portrait Style:

We are going to ask you questions to help us create the ideal portrait for your space. We want to know if there are any rooms or areas you have in mind or if you have any style preferences.


And there's more!

If you would also like some suggestions for clothing, continue on to our Color Selections Page! It will help us not only make some great suggestions for clothing but to also identify which vignettes we will choose to use during your Portrait Session whether you've chosen On-Location or at the Studio.



Suggestions from us to you:

This solely informational portion will help you with clothing and analyzing your wall space. While we will be forming some suggestions catered to you, this is a great place to start.


Lets Consider Your Clothing: 

Your answers gave us some valuable information, 
the email with include clothing tips based on your responses.

  • Solid colors in the same color family create classic, timeless portraits. We will send you a copy of your preferred colors.
  • Try to refrain from patterns and logos.
  • Seeking out dark colors, as well as layering, can allow for a more slimming look.
  • Accessories are a great way to introduce color. Some examples are necklaces, scarves, or layered tops.
  • Finally, where your portraits will hang should effect your clothing choices. Is the space formal or casual?

Lets Analyze Your Walls: 

We will plan your session to your style preferences, 
here are some additional things to mull over before your session.

  • Look around your home and take photos of any wall (blank or not) that would make a good space to display wall art from your session.  Even small nooks can be instantly transformed by the addition of a portrait or collection of family images. When taking the photo, back up as much as you can to get more of the room details in the image.  This gives us a sense of scale so your portraits are the proper size. 
  • Photos of your walls help us to create wall art suited specifically for the space. Important factors such as size, orientation, direction of light and color palette can be determined from just one image. Be sure to take photos of frames used on artwork you intend to leave in the room.  Having those photos will also help us to guide you in choosing any framing you might desire for your portraits.
  • Please send these images to us via email at info@emilyandrews.net. The more information we have, the greater our ability to ensure you the best photo session and finest images.