Before Your Portrait Session

At Emily Andrews we work closely with our clients to create portraits that enhance their space and make it truly feel like home. In order to do that, we ask that our clients consider the following prior to their session:


What is the Current Style of Your Home?

We want your portraits to accent and compliment your style. If you have a formal home, we should capture more formal images. If your style is more casual comfortable, we want to reflect it!

What Colors are Present in the Room in Which You Would Like to Display Your Portraits or Collection?

This is huge! When selecting your clothes we want to coordinate colors with the interior of your home. For example, if you have all blues and tans, stay away from reds and blacks. 

Which Walls Could Would Benefit From a Portrait?

We would love to visit your home and help you identify the spaces that could use a portrait or collection. However; if that is not convenient we would be happy to have you bring in photos of your space (phone photos work fine) and we can put them into our system and show you sample portraits in your own home!

What is Your Budget?

We work with clients who have budgets big and small! Our clients typically choose to invest $500 - $2500. While we specialize and take great pride in our wall portraits, specifically hand stretched natural fiber canvases, our hearts are in portraiture itself and we offer a variety of finished products to suit our clients desires. We want to help you create a display you'll love at any budget.

We believe it is important that every family have the opportunity to enjoy portraiture and it is our pleasure to offer no interest payment plans.